Couples Counseling with Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

We Heart Therapy‘ host Anabelle Bugatti and Clinical Psychologist and EFT Trainer/Supervisor Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen as they discuss what Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples is, and how this model of counseling is so effective in helping couples change and repair connection in their relationship.

Anabelle Bugatti,  Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

Gender Differences in Sexual Health

Men and women have biological differences when it comes to their sexual needs. Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen offers tips and information that couples can implement tonight.

Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

The Couples Expert podcast: Emotionally Focused Therapy: Strengthening Couples Emotional Bond.

Stuart Fensterheim LCSW, interviews Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen.

Stuart Fensterheim, Rebecca Jorgensen

How to stay connected with your partner with Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

Staying truly connected is tricky. I share love tips on this EdTalks podcast

 Ed Donato, Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen
 2015 Women Taking the Lead: Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen on the courage to speak.  Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen
2014 Your Empowered Relationship. Dr. Karen Sherman interviews Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen. Dr. Karen Sherman, Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

Empowered Relationships – Stepping on Each Other’s Toes, Dr. Karen Sherman interviews Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

Dr. Karen Sherman, Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen
2014 Rebecca Jorgensen about her own experiences with emotionally focused therapy.


Sissel Gran, Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen



Audio File of Becca at May 2008 Women’s Conference Outline Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen