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Sari Cooper Sari Cooper-Sex Therapist


 Ian Jorgensen Ian Jorgensen-Movement Educator


Dr. Kristin Neff-Self Compassion
 Ian-Kerner-talk-time-badge Dr. Ian Kerner-Bestselling Author and Sex Therapist
 Frank-Amthor-Talk-Time-Badge Dr. Frank Amthor-Author of Neuroscience for Dummies
 Freedman-Badge-Talk-Time Joshua Freedman on Emotional Intelligence
 DrStephen Porges Dr. Stephen Porges-The Polyvagal Theory, vocal prosody, near-exercises and the face-heart connection


 Dr lori

Dr. Lori Schade-The Importance of Warmth in Couple Therapy

 DrJeremy Dr. Jeremy Safran-Talking about Therapeutic Alliance and Repair
 DrWilliam Doherty Dr. William Doherty-Talking About Helping Couples on the Brink
 Dr. Barry McCarthy Dr. Barry McCarthy-Talking About Sex
  Dr. John Amedeo-Talking about Spirituality and Mindfulness
 DrDan Wile Dr. Dan Wile-Talking About Collaborative Couple Therapy
 Julie Hanks LCSW Julie Hanks, LCSW-Talking About Simple Marketing Steps
  Dr. Dan Siegel-Talking About Brainstorm and the Teenage Brain
 DrSue Johnson Dr. Sue Johnson-Talking About Attachment and Love Sense