Emotionally Focused Therapy

Dr. Jorgensen has been helping distressed relationships more than 20 years. She credits her success to understanding the principles involved and applying techniques that truly help build strong, secure and healthy relationships.

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“Rebecca Jorgensen’s 10 session training tape is the best one available. Not only are the participants genuine and authentic throughout, this is the only couples video I know that shows a progression in therapy from beginning to end. As an EFT supervisor, I encourage all of my supervisees to watch this before any other training tape”. 

-Dr. Don Zeidlhack, Psy.D., ABPP

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Unedited 10 Sessions – Learn The Transformation Process

Become an Emotionally Focused Therapist

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Therapists, You can learn EFT

So, you’d like to become a great EFT Therapist?
You’re in the right place!

If you’re excited about Emotionally Focused Therapy but aren’t sure how to really implement it, there are a variety of things you can do.

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Have you been on the ledge, lately?

I was consulting with a group of supervisors online recently and we were discussing how we experience and perceive things differently when we are triggered by shame and fear, just like our clients do (ey we’re all people right?!)

Those moments of facing an attachment fear or feeling unworthy

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Video Consultation

Perhaps you just want EFT consultation/supervision on your tapes that is affordable,  has a fast turn around time, and is video based,  you can “see” the places in session where you could have gone into emotion,  crossed-over to the other partner or shown the cycle?


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